i'm n0t new here

HYE !!
 Watashi no burogu e yōkoso (welcome to my blog) ..
i'm not new here , i'm here n0t because of my friend or anybody else ,
 just because i dont want my knowlegde about blog lost easily  Plus, 
 i'm an e-commerce student s0 this sh0uld be part of me t0o.
Seriuosly i said,, i'm n0t g0od in writing or literature even to write my own diaries ..
 last year i bought a diary book , guess what?!
  in a year i just write a story for a 3 days only..haha 
Nampak sangat xboleh jd writer kan.. Hah! kan dah kuar ayat melayu tu..hee :D
Actually, bukan nak berlagak speaking2 ni ,
Tapi bila fikir punya fikir bila lagi nak mulakan kan kan kan??  :)  
So i decide to start it n0w, if anything wrong here , just ignore it  ..
 I'm not a perfect person and you're also not perfect to judge me :D
My blog is not a place  to express a feeling,frustration and fight 
and i swear that won't be happend here ..and s0rry to say,
 MY BLOG, MY OWN RULES .. please follow or you MUST click ''X'' Thank You :))

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